Dues must be paid to vote and be a member of the CHCA Board.  Each qualified household is allocated one vote in any voting situation per CHCA By-Laws.
A quorum at any meeting will consist of the majority of those present and eligible to vote.
All officer position vacancies after elections will be appointed by the President and ratified by the Board.
Board meetings are governed by the Robert’s Rules of Order.
Special Appointments are made for the following by the new Board: 
- Garage Sale Chairperson
             - City Liaison
             - Webmaster
- Official Events Photographer


Topics for the meeting in this probable order:

Membership numbers
Financial statements
Outgoing officer thanks
Budgeting for year
Entrance work update
Stolen Planter Update
Open topics

Officer Responsibilities per CHCA By-Laws  (often reassigned based on time availability for some of these):


      Preside at all meetings of the CHCA and the Board,
Appoint Chairman of Standing and Special committees.
Such appointments will be ratified by the Board.
Be Ex-Officio member of all committees except 
Provide liaison and representation with City Commission 
          and all other civic groups.
Vote in meeting of the Board only in case of a tie of 
          those members present.

Vice President:

       Assist the President in the duties of that office.
       Assume the office of the President when necessary.
       Represent any absent member at a Board Meeting.


        Retain custody all non-financial records of the CHCA.
        Record the minutes of all Board and CHCA meetings.
        Act as Editor of the CHCA Newsletter.                 
                Note:  the Board may reassign this function.
  Assist the President with correspondence.
  Maintain a file of all correspondence of archival           


Receive and retain custody of all the funds of the CHCA.
Keep a record of all financial receipts.
Pay all bills as directed by the Board.
Maintain a balance sheet of all accounts.
Report the financial status of the CHCA at all meetings.
Retain custody of all financial records of the CHCA.
Receive and retain custody of mail from the CHCA 

Trustee (Unit I to Unit IV):

Preferably reside in the represented unit.
Act as liaison between the residents of the unit and the 
Distribute the CHCA Newsletter within the unit.
Meet the new residents and acquaint them with the 
          Carriage Hill Community
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