No. The HOA is voluntary Community Association. However, if you do not pay the yearly dues, you will be unable to participate in some community events like our annual community garage sale. The dues also help cover landscaping, permits and signage as well as social gatherings.

Yes, dogs are permitted in all public parks and trails provided they are under the continuous control of the owner and on a leash of six feet or less.

Due the CHCA being a non-deed restricted community association, there are no listing of codes or rules that need to be followed. The CHCA does not have the articles or bylaws to enforce any rules on the homeowners of Carriage Hill. However please note that the City of Casselberry does enforce the ordinances but many of the codes and enforcement procedures can be found at Please report anything that appears to be a Code issue that is not being resolved through common neighborly discussions to the City of Casselberry through their website (, by phone, it is anonymous. The number is 407-262-7766. Just be sure to state the issue (parking on lawn, trash, mowing, edging, business trucks, etc.) and address or in person.

Contact the President of CHCA at for positions available. We also have the Annual Board Meeting in March/April every year. There are other meetings during the year for planning of certain events at a committee level basis. Check this website for the meeting announcements. Check in Board News or Community News on this website for pertinent board member listing and normal assigned responsibilities.

Contact the President of CHCA at for where and when volunteers are needed. We have several events annually that need volunteers: entrance cleanup or planting projects, annual community garage sale, delivering flyers when they are done, annual seasonal/holiday fests (if they occur), community cleanup days, etc.

The CHCA has several events that occur every year: Annual Meeting (March/April) and Holiday Lights Contest (judging between December 20 to 24). There are also several events that don’t necessarily occur every year due to lack of volunteers to operate or timing: Annual Community Garage Sale (October/November) and the WinterFest (during first two weeks of December).

The CHCA Newsletter/Flyer is done on a quarterly basis if there is a volunteer or board member available to work on it. However, normally there are flyers put out to announce the CHCA events to give time for everyone to plan accordingly. If you have an article that has some value to the residents, please email that to in order to get it in the next printing.

The CHCA Board tries to not get involved in political issues before the City or County governments. We do get with the City to discuss transportation issues or other issues that directly affect the community (i.e. sidewalk issues, code enforcement issues, lighting issues, sewer drainage, community entrances, etc.). We have members on the Board that may currently be in political positions in City or County governments but the Board asks that nothing be said/done on behalf of the CHCA and residents unless the Board has agreed. If you find the CHCA Board members individually or in aggregate acting beyond the above parameters, please email at

The CHCA maintains through the efforts of volunteers for the three entrances located at Carriage Hill Drive/Oxford Road, Lamplight Way/HWY 436 and Marigold Road/Winter Park Drive. The entrance properties are not owned by the CHCA but the entrances are graciously allowed to be there through agreements with the Sand Piper Apartments, City of Casselberry and with permission from a Carriage Hill resident. At the Annual Meeting, ideas and plans for the entrances are discussed. Volunteers or ideas for the entrances can be emailed to

Since the CHCA receives funding mainly through the collection of voluntary dues, the funds being spent are spent based on priorities and needs. For large projects, the CHCA Board will have meeting for residents to discuss. Over the years, the landscaping and maintenance of the community entrances and various normally annual events are the largest expenditures. The treasurer does monthly bank reconciliations and financial statements which are provided to other Board members. Financials and budgets are provided at the annual meeting. If you have any specific questions about events or project spending, please email the treasurer at

The CHCA official website did have a bulletin board function but it had to be removed due to security issues. However there is an online social network for Seminole County, City of Casselberry and other local neighborhoods. There is a private social network specifically for many Carriage Hill residents ( ) The Board will put information up on the website occasionally for discussion or for information purposes.

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