Friends and Neighbors,

Your Casselberry Commissioners have been very busy with projects to enhance our City and our Community.
These projects include repairing roads, landscaping, planting trees, Seminole State College, Casselberry Golf Course, Concord Lake City Center, more restaurants, and businesses,our Art Center, planning new events.All these, and more, upgrade our City, and entice people to move here, and bring their businesses here.
Baers Furniture store opened recently at Red Bug Road and SR 436.The Baer family will be improving the whole plaza at that location. You will soon see store fronts being filled up with many new businesses.
You can help!Do not park cars on your lawn because it will create holes and kill the grass!PICK UP OLD NEWSPAPERS THAT LITTER OUR STREETS, EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT YOUR OWN!  There are fines from the City for parking on the grass, littering and general upkeep of you house to general community standards.  Try to comply with City ordinances which were put in place to make Casselberry look better and safer.
Thanks for all your help!Stop and say hello when you see me out on our streets picking up trash and enjoying the neighborhood.See you all at the annual meeting and Spring Fest in March.  Call if you have any questions, or want to volunteer for any of our City Boards.
Sandi Solomon,Hill President,Casselberry Commission Vice-Mayor,407-831-0176
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