Dear Carriage Hill Residents,

Thank you to all that have stepped up and have become part of the rebuilding of Carriage Hill Community Association.  The numbers have gone up and it shows even more at the meetings where we have increased with new residents.  I strongly believe that the Association is a crucial part of our community to entice new neighbors in getting involved in make this a beautiful place to live. 

I am deeply sadden by those that post on blogs or their own created sites just to put others down. Recently I read a post of someone putting our neighborhood down and making fun of our low numbers in our Association.  I don't think much of people that instead of helping rebuild and making our community great, rather mock or complain of what is done or not done. Maybe if these people stepped up and contributed, we could be a voice that is heard in our City or at least be a place that all can be proud to live in.  

I highly encourage all to not be part of the tearing down but instead be part of the building up by volunteering in your community and getting others to contribute the once a year due of $25.00 that goes towards the events we through throughout the year and maintaining our entrances.  A small thing to do that makes your neighborhood something to be proud of.

I am honored to serve as your president. Hope to see you around the neighborhood!


Jorge Martos


Are you having lawn issues?  Are you hoping to save the lawn or start a new one?  Help a neighbor before their problems migrate to your lawn?  Remember that there is a unique balance of over and under-watering, over and under-fertilizing, and mowing height.

Seminole County Master Gardener at 250 W County Home Rd. Next to Fire Station & Sherriff’s Office Bldg.  You can call 407-665-5550 Mon-Fri 9AM-4PM.

They still test soil samples and if you need to know the requirements Call 407-665-5551 to get soil testing (“urban horticultural sample analysis), etc.  There may be a small fee for soil PH testing and some other tests for soil samples less than $10.


If your lawn is browning or dying or is even dead, it could be fungus, over or under watering, bugs ( i.e. cinch bugs or nematoids),  PH balance, car fluids, animal droppings, shade issues, etc.  Save some money and choose the right treatment (s) before  the  small lawn issues spread and effect the mood inside the house.

Check out the website:


Triplet Lake Drive from US 17-92 to Quail Pond Circle is FULLY CLOSED for several months starting in March 2016. This project will reconstruct Triplet Lake Drive from US 17-92 to east of the N/S Triplet Lake Drive intersection.  Check out:

Oxford Road From HWY 436 to Southcot Drive construction work will be starting towards year end to correct sewer, road stability issues, beautification and increase pedestrian safety.  This will be done by the City with your sales tax dollars.  Gated apartment complex will be starting construction in May 2016 at the Old Service Merchandise (empty land next to Staples and Bed Bath & Beyond shopping complex).  The gated Oxford Rd. exit will be coming out across from the library and Kenwick Circle.


President – Jorge Martos

Vice President – Sandi Solomon


Secretary – Deborah Morris

Treasurer – Ed Bakalla     407-721-0841

City Liaison – Sandi Solomon



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