Public works Public works has informed the CHCA that the starting in late August 2017 the slightly raised crosswalk at 201 Carriage Hill Drive from the trail head to across the street. This will mean complete shutdown of Carriage Hill Drive and also partial shutdown of one lane at this point which means to prepare for detours. The City will be adding signage coming both directions on Carriage Hill Drive for traffic to slow down and drive carefully. Along with this the roads of Carriage Hill Community will be paved and finished in October 2017. Please remember some of the flower streets area has already been paved previously except for Lowndes Square. For many of our residents, the good news is the elevations and trail entrance will be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. The landscaping at the trail head will be minimal, open dusk to dawn, and there will be no bench or water fountain since the City and nearby residents don’t want there to be an “attractive nuisance”. The trail head will be mowed bi-weekly during peak growing seasons and monthly during off-peak growing seasons by the City. Contact Bradley Muckel ( 407- 262-7725) who is the City’s project manager at Public Works if you have any questions on anything above. Get the walking shoes ready, oil up the American flyer wagon, or fill up the bike tires because it will be done soon.
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