CHCA residents are needed to work on City of Casselberry Neighborhood Grant submittal before end of December 2017. CHCA had an opportunity for CHCA to apply for a Casselberry Neighborhood Grant up to $7,500 for community improvement CHCA did not submit a plan for this year’s cycle ended in February 2017 due to time constraints and issues finding contractors interested in concrete signage work. Much preliminary research, outlines for sign ideas and contacts will be made available for the Committee. The CHCA also has funds designated for signage from insurance claims to use but it needs to be used for all three signs and landscaping in total. This Committee will design all three entrance signs and landscaping for when fund sources come available. After discussions with the City staff it was determined that concrete/brick signage at the entrances would be best. The best news is that the City will enter an agreement with the CHCA to all for us to put a concrete entrance sign back in the public right of way at the Lamplight/SR 436 entrance in the same area of the old signage. The next cycle for the City Commission approval of Neighborhood Grants will be around January 2018. Contact Ed about any questions or wanting to volunteer. The Sign Committee needs to have numerous people familiar with concrete/masonry sign builders, engineers drawings, signage, artistic talents, landscaping talents, budgeting, working knowledge of construction terminology, and word/presentation wizards.
Public works Public works has informed the CHCA that the starting in late August 2017 the slightly raised crosswalk at 201 Carriage Hill Drive from the trail head to across the street. This will mean complete shutdown of Carriage Hill Drive and also partial shutdown of one lane at this point which means to prepare for detours. The City will be adding signage coming both directions on Carriage Hill Drive for traffic to slow down and drive carefully. Along with this the roads of Carriage Hill Community will be paved and finished in October 2017. Please remember some of the flower streets area has already been paved previously except for Lowndes Square. For many of our residents, the good news is the elevations and trail entrance will be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. The landscaping at the trail head will be minimal, open dusk to dawn, and there will be no bench or water fountain since the City and nearby residents don’t want there to be an “attractive nuisance”. The trail head will be mowed bi-weekly during peak growing seasons and monthly during off-peak growing seasons by the City. Contact Bradley Muckel ( 407- 262-7725) who is the City’s project manager at Public Works if you have any questions on anything above. Get the walking shoes ready, oil up the American flyer wagon, or fill up the bike tires because it will be done soon.
Disclaimer: This is not the Casselberry NIP Program
Back in 2011, approximately $500 was donated to the CHCA to assist CHCA residents/owners to improve their landscaping or house exterior appearance in the frontal area of the house. If you maybe want to plant some plants, sod, add some landscape timbers, add some bark/mulch/rocks, etc. The CHCA Board will judge applications and award a maximum of $100 to each applicant (one application was approved and completed in May). This is a first come and will be judged ASAP once application completed. The major participant requirements are dues paid, applicant owns property and not rental property, and reasonable plan to upkeep and some community beautification benefit. Contact Ed at for an application.

You can download the latest meeting minutes here for CHCA. 





As you all know the CHCA does not enforce any type of codes on housing in Carriage Hill since our community association is without any special housing codes or deed restrictions.  However City ordinances definitely have specific codes that must be followed by the residents.  If you have any City of Casselberry Code violations the code enforcement personnel will come by and leave notice on your door and mail certified letters.  If you think there are code violations in the neighborhood please call the City of Casselberry Code Compliance Department and discuss it with them or leave an anonymous message.  If you don’t know what are the City of Casselberry codes, look online or ask the department for some brochures they have to help.  Some of the major issues in the past are listed below that were no immediately rectified in a timely manner.  Some of the quicker resolved code violations are normally overgrown lawn, illegally parked vehicles on the lawn and driveway, or trash and debris.  If you have fines running on the house and you do not pay them, the City converts the fines to liens on the house which must be cleaned up before the sale of a house.  The City would rather get code issues resolved quickly because the level of time and work they have to put in stretches their deficient staffing levels.

The Casselberry Police Departments was able to provide the CHCA with some information regarding crimes that are occurring in the Carriage Hill Community.  The period was from 6/1/2014 to 5/30/2015 and per the report there were a total of 29 reports filed during that period which does not include traffic related infractions/tickets.  We believe this is less than in the past which might be good or just mean there are less reporting of crimes from residents.  We know that it can be a hassle but if there is a crime, please report it to the police to assist them in developing more accurate and proactive neighborhood and crime patrol policies.  We hope residents will exercise due diligence in trying to decrease or eliminate the crimes from happening at your residence and in our community.  The Casselberry Department does have some prevention and awareness assistance concepts on their website.  We were provided the type of crimes but we do not know the severity but here is a list of the top five crime (by category) filings in the Carriage Hill neighborhood with the number of occurrences for the time period specified.


Burglary   6

Battery     5

Theft         3

Criminal Mischief   3

Fraud       2


Here is the summation by the 4  Carriage Hill units (see 2015 CHCA Membership Match) for total crime reports:

Unit  #1       7

Unit #2        7

Unit #3        8

Unit #4        7


Contact Ed if you have general questions on the information above.

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